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Compounding pharmacies represent an important and growing segment of the nation’s prescription drug industry. Through compounding, pharmacies provide customized medications to address patients’ unique needs, which may include an intolerance for ingesting pills, allergies to certain ingredients, or strong reaction to a medication’s taste. Although not a new concept, compounded medications have seen significant growth in recent years. The AmericanPharmacists Association (APhA) notes “while most pharmacies offer some level of compounding, most compounding is done in pharmacies that have made the investment in equipment and training to do so safely and efficiently.” APhA notes that of the 56,000 community-based pharmacies, about 7,500 – 13 percent – specialize in compounding services, meaning the pharmacists in those facilities spend most of their time preparing customized medications for patients. In addition, compounding pharmacies are found in all hospitals and many health care facilities.