Spotlight Archive

Central Point Pharmacy

Columbus, Ohio

Pharmacist: Emmanuel Ezirim

What led to your career as a pharmacist/pharmacy owner?

Life demanded so much out of me. My options were a career in healthcare (Medicine), to become a Catholic Priest, or both combined. All but one of my older siblings claimed Healthcare related professions. Taking care of people has always been my lot in life. I took care of my father for over 3 years as he suffered from the unspoken "C" word of the prostate in the mid to late 1970s. At that time, we had no idea it was too late for him. He passed on May 26th, 1980. I was only 13 then. For me, it was either medicine or bust and pharmacy gave me the most reasonable route to take care of my family in case anything happened. It turned out pharmacy was my podium and in my plan all along.

How is your pharmacy different from competitors? My Pharmacy is hands on. The personal touch we provide our patients reassures them that The Best Pharmacist in The Land is the one they just spent time with.

Describe a recent, rewarding experience with a patient

Recently, upon becoming a vaccine center, our pharmacy had a chance to administer the one-shot Jansen Covid-19 vaccine to a grandmother who had been isolated from her adult kids, grandchildren, and her expecting daughter with a new baby to come in April. After her vaccine, she was finally able to book her flight to go see her family. It was so gratifying to see her tears of joy.

What are your biggest challenges as a pharmacy owner/pharmacist? Managing and dealing with insurance reimbursements.

How has PrimeRx helped your business?

It is easy for a salesperson to pitch you the "Fastball" that a company's Helpdesk cannot deliver on. In my 29 years as a pharmacist and 4 years prior as an intern, I experienced several forms of help from many retail pharmacy software companies. In many pharmacy circles, these companies have come to be nicknamed "The Helpless Desk." Micro Merchants Systems and their PrimeRx system is 2nd to none. From prescription processing, inventory control, and vaccine support to their on-time live support assistance right when you need it, my mind is set at ease knowing that someone's got my back.

Please explain how PrimeRx has helped your pharmacy with patient communication. Although my patient demographic do not use text/SMS messaging too often, it is good knowing I have that option readily available to me. Due to the Central Point Pharmacy recent approval as a vaccine center, we are beginning to pick up more of the text/SMS messaging and email communicating generation and it is wonderful to be not overwhelmed. They are welcome. My older crowd still prefer the personal touch from The Best Damn Pharmacist!