PrimeRxSP™ - PrimeRx for Specialty Pharmacy

PrimeRxSP™ -- An Essential Solution for Specialty Pharmacy Management

PrimeRxSP™ provides specialty pharmacies with a technology solution designed for their unique record-keeping, patient care, and analytical needs.

Custom Workflow
Accommodate both specialty and retail pharmacy needs via a single workflow process.  System can be easily programmed to manage multiple, customized specialty prescriptions, while a separate script processes regular prescription workflow.  Customized rules can be set for a pharmacy's specific needs, with multiple folders/buckets in place to organize all processes and records.

Clinical Assessment Module
Capture patient information by creating checklists and forms to guide pharmacist/patient discussions.  Forms/checklists prompt the pharmacist to ask specific questions, with all resulting information added directly to the patient's electronic record.  The pharmacy system seamlessly updates and stores that information.  Multiple forms can be created, with field values customized to help improve and track patient outcomes.

Custom Report Writer
Generate customized, accurate reports directly within PrimeRxSP™.  Our system features an embedded report writer that allows for seamless generation of reports on a broad range of topics.  Pharmacy managers select data elements to be included in a report, and then follow prompts with regard to filters, grouping options, and any special conditions.  Once all features are identified, the requested report will appear.  Our custom report writer allows specialty pharmacies to generate customized reports in a matter of seconds –replacing a manual process that took hours, and was often rife with errors.

Customizable Intake Queue

Instead of filling prescriptions as they arrive, the Intake Queue gathers incoming orders from multiple queues, including:

    • Electronic Rx queue
    • Refill queue
    • Document queue
    • Incoming fax queue.

This provides the pharmacist with a comprehensive view of all prescription fill needs, allows for prioritization, and facilitates batch group processing.

Prior Authorization Management
The system allows for seamless transmission of prior authorization requests directly to Surescripts and CoverMyMeds.  Requests are transmitted directly to these third parties via the system's electronic messaging function.  PrimeRxSP™ also allows the user to create manual PA's, which can be attached to a prescription, transmitted to a prescriber for approval, and then retransmitted as a claim for payment.

PrimeRxSP™ specialty pharmacy management system is the obvious choice for specialty pharmacy efficiency.

Specialty pharmacy management demands the highest levels of record keeping, patient care and analysis.  Our PrimeRx™ solution automates these processes, meaning pharmacy staff will have more time for critical patient interactions.

  • Custom Workflow
  • Clinical Assessment Module
  • Customizable Intake Queue
  • Prescription Batch Management Functionality
  • Portals for Sales Reps (through PrimeMD)
  • Dashboards and Data access for Physicians (through PrimeMD)
  • PA Management 
  • Custom Report Writer
  • Shipping Interfaces
  • Ability to collect REMOTE SIGNATURES (when items are shipped – the ability to get signatures for Rx received from the Patient)
  • Tokenization of CC (through PrimePOS)
  • Medication Adherence 
  • Patient Care Quality Metrics
  • Cost Management
  • Specialty Drug Education/Awareness
  • Medication Administration Guidance
  • Flexibility/Customization Capabilities