PrimeDMS™ (Document Management System Software)

PrimeDMS™  (Document Management System Software) allows pharmacies to scan, record and store as digital images all prescriptions, patient ID cards, insurance statements, correspondence from doctors, and all other physical documents.  Prime DMS provides a highly accurate and convenient document retention system while freeing pharmacies of the burden of maintaining physical copies of these documents.

PrimeDMS™ Easy to Use Key Features:

  • Utilizes Windows-compatible scanners that allow you to maintain your documents in PrimeRx for secure, convenient and easy access
  • Converts documents into digital images, which are stored electronically and attached to their respective records
  • Eliminates the need to retrieve hard copies of documents for verification
  • Provides an effortless and intuitive method of scanning prescriptions
  • Prescription image displays on the screen during refilling process allowing the pharmacist a second look at a prescription to prevent dispensing errors
  • PrimeDMS pharmacy HIPAA-compliant document management software

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