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A complete pharmacy dispensing software to enhance your pharmacy productivity and build customer loyalty.

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About PrimeRxTM
Pharmacy Management System

PrimeRxTM pharmacy management system is our signature technology solution for building an efficient, patient-focused pharmacy business. Serving as the centralized processing center for all workflow operations, this highly user-friendly pharmacy system can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

Offering unique features that help your pharmacy grow, PrimeRxTM is the best pharmacy management software available in the market today. As an intelligent and centralized management solution, PrimeRxTM is the backbone of hundreds of pharmacies, just like you!

With customized workflows, automated fill, bill, and communication processes, PrimeRxTM is ideal for all pharmacies, big or small.

Who Would Need PrimeRxTM

  • Retail Pharmacies
  • Long-Term Care Pharmacies
  • Closed-Door Pharmacies
  • 340B Pharmacies
  • Physician's Office Pharmacies
  • Specialty Pharmacies
  • Mail-Order Pharmacies
  • Compounding Pharmacies
  • Hospital Outpatient Pharmacies

Why PrimeRxTM

A Pharmacy Dispensing Software to Enhance Your Productivity

Core Workflows
  • icon-patient Patient and provider intake
  • icon-claims Claims processing
  • icon-tag Labeling and dispensing
  • icon-inventory Inventory management.
Key Benefits
  • Prescription efficiency
  • Reduced dispensing errors
  • Integrated patient records management for identification of medication synchronization candidates
  • Patient medication adherence reports to improve CMS Five Star ratings
  • Enhanced insurance claims management

PrimeRxTM Key Features


Automated Refill Management System

  • Fill electronic prescriptions by reviewing existing patient, prescriber and drug inventory data
  • “At a glance,” visibility of all refill management processes through a Refill Compliance Dashboard. The dashboard can be customized to include preferred metrics, including scheduled refills, missed refills, expired refills, and Med Sync Rx.
  • Automatically queues each day’s scheduled refills
  • RxSync - Sync all refills to a particular date
  • Return to Stock Queue - Prescriptions not picked up by patients will be flagged, with the system easily updated to reflect missed pickups, and drugs added back to inventory

Customized Workflow Management and Reports

  • Inventory management
  • Reconciliation process ensures you will never miss a payment
  • Bin management feature facilitates prescription pickup process
  • Seamless management of incoming prescriptions
  • Generate electronic orders with wholesalers based on your customized drug ordering parameters
  • Ability to show cost comparisons between wholesalers
  • Automatically update true cost from EDI files received from a wholesaler(s)
  • Ensure compliance with all state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Automatic backups of all data; Remote server access in case of emergency

Patient Communication

  • Outbound calls, text/SMS messaging
  • Inbound communication allows patients to respond via prompts
  • Emails to communicate information related to refilling schedules dosage alerts, and pickup availability.
  • Birthday greetings and other personalized messages sent via email or text/SMS message

Report Generation

  • Customized reports to support the pharmacy’s unique needs
  • The daily log provides a comprehensive report of each day’s activities
  • Customized business analytics
  • Identify key metrics and receive regular reports relevant to that data
  • Business intelligence reports built into the system - why pay extra to third-party vendors?

Other Key Features

  • Enhanced Pharmacy Specialty Software.
  • Certified by Surescripts to handle EPCS (Electronic Processing of Controlled Substances) transactions.
  • Controlled Substance Reporting automatically tracks CSR information and uploads files to the appropriate state agency (where permitted).
  • Keep your pharmacy open 24/7 by scheduling repeating processes, including such as refills, data backups, and automated report emails.
  • Calculate PDC/MPRvalues for your patients individually or by group.
  • Patient medication adherence reports that contribute to pharmacy star ratings.
  • Interface with Mirixa and Outcomes: MTM opportunities delivered to PrimeRx™.
  • Optimize profits by utilizing adherence features.
  • Multiple Language Module - Supports patient counseling in as many as 16 different languages.

Hundreds of pharmacies are using PrimeRxTM for successfully managing and growing their business. Get ahead with our advanced pharmacy management software and achieve your business goals!

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  • Adherence Programs
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Vendors
  • Electronic Medication Admin. Records (E-Mars)
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRs)
  • Medical Data Vendors
  • Packaging
  • Robotic Interfaces
  • Revenue Generation Vendors
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Value Added
  • Wholesalers
  • Payment Systems
  • ConnectiveRx

  • RxSync – Sync all refills to one date (facilitate the ABM-Appointment Based Model)
  • Interface with Mirixa, and have Mirixa’s medication therapy management (MTM) programs delivered directly to PrimeRx™
  • Refill compliance
  • Outbound calls, text messages, and emails allow easy communication with patients regarding refill and dosage alerts, and pickup notifications. System also allows for transmission of birthday greetings and other personalized messages to patients.
  • Patient Medication Adherence Reports provide immediate identification of patients at risk of non-adherence, and those not compliant with refill routines.
  • Improved Pharmacy Star Rating – Better insight into which patients are non-adherent will help address underlying causes. This in turn will positively affect overall pharmacy performance.
  • Calculation of PDC/MPR Values – Easily calculate medication possession ratios (MPR) and proportion of days covered (PDC) values to determine adherence rates. PDC/MPR measures can be determined either at the patient level, or for an entire population.

  • FillMyRefills – Allow patients to easily request refills through an app/web-based refill routing service.
  • Remote Backup Service – Backup all data securely and safely to a cloud server.
  • Prescriber Validation Service – Easily identify active/inactive prescribers in real time. Validation service will verify prescriber credentials, and note any class restrictions or sanctions.
  • Clinical Pharmacology – Online reference guide that is accepted by boards of pharmacy in all 50 states. Clinical Pharmacology provides a compendium that fulfills drug reference requirements for licensed pharmacies.
  • Patient Counseling – Provide patients easy access to critical information on key health and drug-related topics. Information is accessible in as many as 16 different languages.
  • State and federal drug databases — Module allows pharmacies direct access to current state and federal prescription drug-related databases.
  • Pre/ Post-Editing Services – Reduce incidence of documentation errors and save time by pre-populating certain fields (i.e. pharmacy name and address). Editing services also identify variables that could affect a pharmacy’s rate of reimbursement.
  • e-Voucher – Patient assistance service whereby rebates and other savings are automatically applied, thereby reducing patient out-of-pocket costs.
  • Prescription Price Analyzer–Review and compare pricing for prescription drugs and other common pharmacy products.

My PrimeRxTM Owners App

Owners can stay in touch with their pharmacy(s) 24/7 with real-time prescriptions summary reports and financial data analytics on their mobile device.


MyPrimeRxTM Owners App:

  • Free for pharmacy owners who use PrimeRx™ in their pharmacy
  • Get real-time financial data on your phone
  • Graphical representation of data for Rx, Insurance, Prescribers
  • Monitor spikes in prescription dispensing

MyPrimeRxTM Owners App Functionalities:

  • Rx by Count (Bar Graph for 7 Days),
  • Rx by Total Amount (Bar Graph for 7 Days),
  • Rx by Drug Class (Pie Chart Graph for Today),
  • Rx by Insurance (Pie Chart Graph for Today),
  • Rx by Brand/Generic (Pie Chart Graph for),
  • Primary Status (Dates for Last Backup Data, Last Price Update, Last EDI Update, Version for PrimeRx and Clinical Data)
  • Work Queues (Counts for Unbilled, ERx, Refill and Label Queue)

Manage operations seamlessly, ensure better customer support, remove the chances of human error and automate mundane processes with PrimeRxTM.

Get the advanced pharmacy management software to power your business!

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