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PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management Software Interfaces with Retail Management Solutions’ Star-Plus POS System

October 1, 2018

Micro Merchant Systems, Inc

PrimeRx™ Pharmacy Management Software Interfaces with Retail Management Solutions’ Star-Plus POS System 

Syosset, New York: Micro Merchant Systems, a leading provider of North America pharmacy software solutions, today announces PrimeRx™, its premier automated (turnkey) refill management system, successfully interfaces with Retail Management Solutions’ Star-Plus (and Star-Lite) POS System. This bi-directional interface with PrimeRx and Star-Plus allows for scanning the RX at the POS, stores the details of the person who picked up the Rx, and signature capture of HIPAA and the Rx.

Many pharmacies are challenged with an efficient way to complete their prescription workflow.  With this bi-directional interface, there are multiple benefits to the pharmacy.  First, the risk of giving the wrong patient the wrong medication is greatly reduced utilizing a patient verification feature.  Second, the chance of the patient leaving the pharmacy without all their available prescriptions is minimized with Star-Plus’ Outstanding Prescriptions alert at the POS.  Upon completion of the transaction, electronic signatures for HIPAA, Safety Cap Declines, Prescription Pickup, among others, are collected.  Star-Plus will then communicate transaction details back to PrimeRx, completing workflow.  This significant interface defines a robust, value-added bi-lateral solution for retail and outpatient pharmacies, with a primary focus on point-of-sale.

“Many pharmacies have expressed a desire to get RMS’ POS solution and PrimeRx™ to work together – hence the integration will be fruitful for everyone,” said Akbar Merchant, President, Micro Merchant Systems. “These findings are beneficial for the pharmacies with the joined forces two leading pharmacy software companies”

Key features to Go Beyond Dispensing with PrimeRx™

  • RxSync™ – Sync all Refills to one date
  • Two-way Outbound Calling, SMS/TXT, Email – Stay in touch with your Patients
  • My PrimeRx™ Owners App – Get real-time business performance information, so that you can work ON your business, not IN your business
  • Inbound and Outbound Fax integration – through Sfax, a HIPAA compliant fax service Report Writer – Freedom to create your own Reports
  • Clinical Assessment Module – Capture Clinical Data and Create Custom Care Plans
  • Business Analytics – Gather Actionable Intelligence from your data to help grow your business

About MMS: Micro Merchant Systems, a leading provider of North America pharmacy management software solutions, helping pharmacies, hospitals, and institutions fill prescriptions swiftly, securely and profitably while meeting the challenges of today’s pharmacy market. Our premier, PrimeRx™ pharmacy software quickly becomes an integral tool for the staff’s prescription workflows and features streamline daily processes. These features enhance pharmacies productivity with tools to simplify workflow, process claims, and managing inventory.PrimeRx interfaces with PrimePOS™ (Point of Sale), PrimeESC™ (Electronic Signature Capture), PrimeDMS™ (Document Management System), PrimeDELIVERY™ (Delivery Module), PrimeWEB™ (Customized Web Portals) and more. With a client-centered approach, our customizable suite of products accommodates the needs of individual pharmacies.

About RMS: Retail Management Solutions is an industry leader in pharmacy point of sale technology for retail and outpatient pharmacies. Having installed more POS systems in independent and outpatient pharmacies than any other company, RMS has become the industry standard and is proud to be the only Point-of-Sale provider in the nation that focuses strictly on the pharmacy market. Celebrating its 20 year anniversary in 2018, RMS has continued to be the market leader in innovative POS technology for pharmacies.  RMS was the first to market with electronic signature capture for HIPAA signature compliance and was the first to market with a fully capable, mobile Point-of-Sale device, Evolution POS, for the pharmacy market. These are just a couple examples of how RMS will continue this dedication to improving pharmacy efficiency, growth, and profitability. Everything RMS does can be measured by its mission statement, "Making our clients the most profitable and