Press Release

PrimeRx™ Facilitates Prescription Management with Seamless Intake, Processing, and Dispensing

Syosset, New York – Ensuring safe, accurate, and timely dispensing of medications to patients remains the top priority for today’s busy pharmacies.  The PrimeRx™ pharmacy management system simplifies the process with a technology solution that ensures the highest levels of automation, accuracy, and efficiency.

PrimeRx™, developed by Micro Merchant Systems, allows comprehensive management of prescription intake, processing, and dispensing processes.  With PrimeRx™ serving as the core operating system, pharmacies can access a wide range of capabilities, with all functions integrated to ensure seamless prescription management.


  • PrimeRx™ allows pharmacies to accommodate prescriptions received electronically, as well as those that arrive via fax, or are physically dropped off by a patient. Seamless integration with Surescripts®.  Surescripts® is a leading provider of e-prescribing services, and a vital partner in linking doctors, payers, and pharmacies.  PrimeRx™ interfaces directly with Surescripts® to ensure seamless transmission of electronic prescriptions and timely, accurate processing of patient information.  All prescriptions are added to patient records within PrimeRx™.
  • PrimeDMS™ for faxed/hard copy prescriptions.  The PrimeDMS™ document management system manages non-electronic prescriptions.  The solution enables pharmacies to scan non-electronic prescriptions – both front and back – directly into PrimeRx™.  Prescriptions are digitized and seamlessly added to the pharmacy’s document queue for processing, dispensing, and storage.

Once the prescription enters the pharmacy’s workflow, PrimeRx™ offers several capabilities for facilitating the review process.  These solutions, which rely on direct interfaces with leading third-parties, allow pharmacies to perform critical functions in a fraction of the time it would take to complete these tasks manually.

  • Electronic Prior Authorization.  PrimeRx™ allows direct integration with CoverMyMeds®, a leading solution that automates the prior authorization process of many U.S. insurance companies.  By allowing this important function to be managed electronically, the authorization process is expedited.  This allows patients to receive their medications faster, while streamlining the records management process for pharmacies and other stakeholders.
  • Real Time Prescription Benefit Management.  PrimeRx™ allows direct integration with Real-Time Prescription Benefit by Surescripts®.  This solution provides pharmacists access to the medication benefit information included in each patient's plan.  Direct access to this information allows pharmacy staff to know immediately if a prescribed medication is covered by a patient's plan, thereby eliminating the time-consuming task of manually having to look up this information.  Real-Time Prescription Benefit also identifies therapeutic alternatives that are on the patient's plan formulary. 
    • Typical Benefits Include:
      • 75 percent reduction in staff time spent responding to patient pricing concerns.
      • 30 percent improvement in medication adherence rates.
      • ½ -star improvement in Medicare Star Ratings.
      • Simplified pharmacy-provider-payer communication process.

Dispensing – Co-Pays and Deliveries
Once a prescription has been processed and filled, additional PrimeRx™ capabilities facilitate co-pay collections and help manage delivery services.   

  • PrimeRx™PAY allows pharmacies to manage co-pay collection, issuance of receipts, and documentation for contactless transactions.  Through PrimeRx™PAY a patient receives a text message that includes a link for easy copay transmission.  Once the copay is processed, a receipt is emailed to the patient, with all resulting records seamlessly transmitted back to the PrimeRx™ system.
  • Prime DELIVERY™ works seamlessly with PrimeRx™ and its point-of-sale module, PrimePOS™, to manage pharmacies’ home delivery services.  
  • PrimeSHIPPING™ provides a highly efficient solution for mail-order pharmacies and retail pharmacies that offer shipping services.  The solution integrates with both UPS and Federal Express.
  • Script Drop seamlessly connects pharmacies to a network of trained, professional couriers for delivery services.
  • Rx2Go is a medication courier service that specializes in prescription delivery services.  Current coverage area includes New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and California.

The PrimeRx™ operating system allows pharmacies to seamlessly manage all workflows from a single platform.  PrimeRx™ is highly regarded as a user-friendly, intuitive operating system that automates key processes and adds efficiency to pharmacy operations.  

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