TalkRX by VOW

TalkRX by VOW

TalkRX is the only all-in-one communication system for Pharmacies.  With integrated applications like an IVR, fax gateway, outbound calling, and text messaging, no other solution even comes close.

The IVR system allows customers to refill their prescriptions over the phone without any pharmacy interaction. Since it integrates with your pharmacy system, pharmacy productivity is increased and customer hold time is eliminated. This in-house refill system will answer every call or can be configured to answer only if the pharmacy cannot. Patient and doctor voicemails, as well as recorded calls, are archived and can be retrieved anytime by date and time, Rx number patient or doctor name, and/or a unique message ID.


  • Accept refills 24/7 directly into your pharmacy system
  • Connect multiple locations together using VoIP
  • Voicemail archive system for patient and doctor calls
  • Professional greeting or record your own
  • Connect a phone from anywhere – even at home

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