Synergy Medical

Synergy Medical

With more than 700 installations throughout North America, Europe, and Australia, SynMed is the market leader in pharmacy automation for dispensing oral solid medications in single and multi-dose blister cards. 

The SynMed team focuses on the design, manufacture, service, and support of SynMed systems. Engineers are constantly working to improve the technology, allowing SynMed to interface with most pharmacy and eMAR systems and fill more than 30 blister cards.  

This proven technology has evolved to offer solutions for all levels of production, from the guided packaging assistant - SynMed Assist - to the high-capacity solution - SynMed ULTRA, which produces up to 180 single-dose cards per hour and up to 90 multi-dose cards per hour.


Ensure unmatched accuracy, reduce technician prep time and pharmacist verification time, and pave the way for growth with SynMed.

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