ScriptPro solutions drive competitive advantage in the pharmacy industry. From robotics to pharmacy management, ScriptPro solutions power innovation for pharmacies everywhere.

Robotic Prescription Dispensing Systems

Our robots safely and accurately fill 30-60% of your daily prescription volume, so you can focus on what really matters - the care and counseling of your patients. Robotic dispensing can fill 40-75% of your daily prescription volume. It does this work with extreme accuracy and safety. The robot actually drives the workflow and eliminates chaos in both high and low volume practice settings. From the largest hospitals in the world to the smallest retail pharmacies, ScriptPro is freeing up pharmacists' time to provide additional patient care and create new revenue services.

  • Manage employment costs and cover peak times without extra staff
  • Track will call, partial fill, and out of stock prescriptions
  • Dispense prescriptions safely and quietly-no air pressurized dispensing 
  • Ensure no cross-contamination-dispenses directly into a vial
  • Easily calibrate cells on-site when drugs change

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