Omnicell IVR

Omnicell IVR

The Omnicell IVR (interactive voice response) improves the patient experience by increasing access to the pharmacy 24 hours / 7 days a week. Omnicell IVR automatically answers phone calls into the pharmacy in a professional and consistent manner during peak periods to maximize pharmacy workflow efficiency.

Having an IVR will free up your pharmacy staff's time from answering the phone, allowing them more time to focus on patient interactions and customer service.

Adding our Omnicell IVR inbound refill reminders can also help to increase your script volume by offering up any additional refills your patients may have available. See an increase for average days on therapy, improving patient outcomes.

  • Offers patient convenience regardless if the pharmacy is open or closed
  • Frees up time to focus on patients
  • Creates a quieter, less hectic work environment
  • Provides awareness messaging only offered by Omnicell and enrollment in pharmacy programs such as medication synchronization
  • Integrates with Omnicell Medication Synchronization
  • Supports HIPAA / HITECH compliance

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