Carepoints Patient Messaging Program

Carepoints Patient Messaging Program

Your Pharmacy Software Vendor (PSV) is partnered with PDR® and is pleased to announce the availability of the CarePoints patient messaging program. CarePoints is a targeted, point-of-dispensing messaging program that includes sponsored messages, patient education, and medication guides for you to provide to your patients when they pick up their prescriptions. The final component, ValueAdd, provides complimentary in-store promotion that drives customer loyalty.


The intent of CarePoints messaging is to provide:

  • patient education
  • support to help improve medication
  • adherence
  • improved health outcomes
  • patient engagement and customer
  • loyalty

All CarePoints and MedGuide messages print from your pharmacy printer on plain white paper and are collated with the label, prescription information, and/or drug monograph. All printouts should be included with the medication at the time of dispensing for customer pickup. We know that you will find the CarePoints patient messaging program to be a valuable resource for your patients and your business.

Triggered at the point of dispensing, CarePoints delivers personalized patient messaging to improve adherence, improve health outcomes and create incremental revenue opportunities.

Build patient relationships

Provides a conduit to patients at a critical teaching moment with timely therapy and educational information.

Drive better health outcomes

Improves patient outcomes through education and messaging.

Drive incremental revenue streams

Receive direct revenue from the delivery of messages, see greater script volumes due to increased adherence and experience increased store loyalty and front-end sales.

Improve medication adherence

Positively changes patient behavior by delivering personalized messages that feature educational information, refill reminders, and financial support.

Transaction messaging: new Rx, continuing support, zero fills

Adherence messaging: refill reminders, late / lapsed.

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