CarePoints MedGuides Program

CarePoints MedGuides Program

MedGuides VIS documents


Educate patients on the medications they are taking and meet FDA and CDC regulatory requirements, supported and maintained at no cost to you.

  • Easy-to-read formatted documents
  • Designed to minimize resources required in your pharmacy
  • Integrated with your pharmacy system to allow for seamless distribution


Forms are printed at the point of dispensing, allowing pharmacies to increase compliance and workflow efficiencies.

  • Use MedGuide VIS to ensure compliance
  • Meets FDA and CDC regulations for printing
  • Updates are made within a week of manufacturers’ drug label changes and completes updates within 14 days
  • We format materials and utilize available white space to significantly reduce the number of pages per document
  • MedGuides are about half the pages of the FDA version which minimizes pharmacy resources
  • All programs are set up for duplex printing
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