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Appriss Health

With a robust data and analytic solution for PDMP, you can efficiently access prescription monitoring data that’s integrated with PrimeRx™ pharmacy management system. No need to log in, deal with passwords or access a secondary website. A risk-scoring platform lets you quickly access multi-state PDMP data and get an instant series of risk scores as well as an interactive display of a patient’s prescription history.

You’re no longer bogged down with time-wasting paper logs for tracking pseudoephedrine transactions. Instead, you can track and block PSE sales electronically with real-time efficiency. Your pharmacy now has the flexibility to enter transaction data through a web portal or web service, eliminating bulky paper logs, and speeding up transaction times. You can instantly access multi-state PDMP data and collaborate with other pharmacists to block controlled substance abuse.

With time saved from paper logs, your staff can better focus on serving customers. You have peace of mind, knowing that compliance is built into your PDMP solution. Importantly, your PDMP solution also provides support to help you foster better patient outcomes. Now you can locate substance disorder treatment facilities, provide educational materials, and communicate with healthcare providers and other pharmacists involved in the patient’s care.

Who is Appriss Health?
Appriss Health provides pharmacies with timely, compliant, efficient prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) solutions that enable earlier intervention and facilitate collaboration with healthcare providers and other pharmacies.

In collaboration with state governments, we built the nation’s most comprehensive, standards-driven data integration platform to combat the nation’s opioid epidemic. Our platform manages more than 400 million daily transactions and connects states, prescribers, pharmacies, and hospitals across the U.S. It enables seamless in-workflow visibility to patients’ prescription drug history and a comprehensive solution that improves access to needed care for people with behavioral health conditions and social determinants of health challenges. 

Our real-time clinical decision support and insights are integrated into the workflows of more than 130 electronic health records and every national pharmacy chain. Combined, our data analytics solutions and bi-directional communication capabilities support whole-person care, improve health outcomes and reduce overall healthcare spending.

Appriss Health is committed to data solutions that can help pharmacists and healthcare professionals work more productively to achieve better patient outcomes, greater efficiency, and full compliance for substance use prescribing, dispensing and treatment.

One-click PDMP access in your pharmacy system workflow

  • 85% of pharmacists believe that they should take an active role in reducing opioid addiction.
  • Accessing PDMP data isn’t always easy. It can disrupt workflows and be time- consuming.

It is possible to improve the way opioids are prescribed and fulfilled, reducing the number of people who misuse, abuse, or overdose from them, while making sure patients have access to safe, effective pain management.

Appriss Health and PrimeRx™ now have built-in one-click access to the state PDMP and clinical decision support tools. Turning on the Appriss Health integration will: 

  • Support mandatory state compliance
  • Save approximately 4.2 minutes per patient encounter
  • Enable your pharmacists to make more informed dispensing decisions

Sign up today. With pre-built integration, it’s an easy process. 

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