Feb 17 2023

The Pharmacy is Always Open with the FillMyRefills™ App

With the average smartphone owner using an estimated 10 apps per day, it’s hardly surprising that consumers expect the convenience and flexibility of app experiences when interacting with their pharmacy.  

PrimeRx™ brings this service to pharmacies with the FillMyRefills™ app, which allows pharmacies to provide patients 24/7 pharmacy access, while seamlessly managing prescription histories and workflows within PrimeRx™.

Key FillMyRefills™ features include:

The online web-based portal at allows patients to create an account and submit refill requests directly to their pharmacy. 

Patients enter your pharmacy code and are directed to your branded website.

Refill requests are processed and automatically loaded to the PrimeRx™ refill queue. 

During checkout, the patient can specify their preferred pickup/delivery option: 

o Delivery to the patient’s preferred address on a specific date. 

o In-store pickup at a time/date specified by the patient. 

The patient is notified when a refill request is successfully received, and again when the prescription has been filled.

Patients can transfer prescriptions between pharmacy locations (for owners with linked locations).

Patients can use the app to view their prescription histories.

The FillMyRefills™ app provides an easy, convenient option for patients to request medication refills.  At the same time, pharmacies benefit from improved refill rates, and an opportunity to better engage with customers.