Nov 22 2021

Small Business Saturday is November 27 – Spread the Word!

U.S consumers will again be encouraged to shop local with Saturday, November 27 designated as "Small Business Saturday." This includes the nation's 19,400 community pharmacies, which can use the occasion to raise their stature and promote the many OTC products found on their shelves.

The sky is really the limit with regard to how a pharmacy can take part. A few suggestions include:

  • Get the word out! Make sure your pharmacy is listed in any promotional materials offered by your local chamber of commerce or retailer's association.
  • Email your patients. Use PrimeRx™ to generate emails and texts to your patients. Use this opportunity to highlight certain products or encourage people to stop by and take advantage of product offerings. 
  • Check out Pointy from Google. Pointy from Google helps small businesses appear in consumers' online searches. A small devices attaches to the retailer's point-of-sale barcode scanner. When a product is scanned, it is immediately added to a "Pointy Page" located on the retailer's website. The retailer will then appear as a buying option for subsequent searches for that product. PrimeRx™ pharmacies can integrate directly with Pointy from the PrimeRx™ homepage. It's an ideal solution for helping a pharmacy raise its profile as a convenient, local source for household goods.
  • Point-of-Sale fliers. Include a flier in each patient's prescription bag in the days leading up to November 27. Use the flier to inform patients about the event, and to highlight special promotions and planned in-store events.
  • Have a Party! Encourage shoppers to linger by providing nourishment. Donuts, cookies, juice, hot chocolate, and coffee will create a festive atmosphere, and will be appreciated by weary weekend shoppers.
  • Offer Special Promotions – Maybe a Raffle or Contest? The best way to promote your consumer goods? Put them on sale! Consider price reductions on certain product categories and be sure to get the word out about those savings opportunities. PrimePOS™ can easily accommodate all sale prices and ensure seamless transactions at checkout. You may also want to entice foot traffic by raffling off a premium product. An iPad perhaps, or maybe a Smartphone? Or, what about a goody bag chock full of products found on your store shelves?

Small Business Saturday was first launched in 2010 by American Express. Since then, the event has grown into a national day to celebrate small businesses and highlight the importance of supporting local establishments.