May 31 2018

Health Age Calculator

How Old Is Your Heart? Health Department Launches Online Tool for New Yorkers to Calculate Their “Heart Age”

The average New Yorker has a heart age nearly six years older than their actual age, which puts them at a higher risk for heart disease and stroke. The NYC Heart Age Calculator helps New Yorkers determine their risk of cardiovascular disease and offers tips and resources for improving their heart health. 

The Health Department today launched the NYC Heart Age Calculator, an online tool to help New Yorkers determine their risk for heart disease and stroke. The Heart Age Calculator reports risk by giving the user their heart age compared to their actual age. The higher a heart age is compared to real age, the greater the risk of heart disease and stroke. Based on surveys of New York City adults, the average New Yorker has a heart age nearly six years older than their actual age. On average, residents of the Bronx had a heart age 7.2 years older than their actual age, compared to residents of Staten Island (6.9 years), Queens (6.0 years), Brooklyn (5.9 years), and Manhattan (3.8 years). The tool provides resources for managing factors that increase heart disease and stroke risks, such as high blood pressure, overweight and obesity, diabetes, and smoking. It is designed for people ages 30 to 74 who do not have a history of cardiovascular disease.

The NYC Heart Age Calculator calculates heart age based on answers to eight questions about sex, age, height, weight, blood pressure, if a person takes blood pressure medication, smoking status, and if the person has diabetes. Along with an estimated heart age, the tool provides all users with recommendations to improve their health, including tips to promote healthy eating and active living and resources to help those who smoke cigarettes to quit. It also provides support, such as smoking cessation, ways to stay active, and healthy eating resources.

People using the calculator should use their latest blood pressure measurement. Those who do not know their blood pressure can get it checked at hundreds of pharmacies in New York City. In March, the Health Department announced a collaboration with chain and independent pharmacies across the city to increase access to free blood pressure checks. The Department identified and added more than 1,200 locations across the five boroughs to the NYC Health Map, an online tool New Yorkers can use to identify different health services available in their communities. The Department also placed 55 blood pressure kiosks in areas with high rates of high blood pressure, including East and Central Harlem, North and Central Brooklyn, and the South Bronx.

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Source:; Press Release May 31, 2018