Jun 29 2020

Using PrimeRx™ to Improve Medication Adherence

As all pharmacists are keenly aware, medication non-adherence is a critical issue in the United States, both in terms of patient health and an estimated $100-$289 billion in added healthcare costs.

All pharmacists are engaged in the battle to improve adherence, and PrimeRx™ can be an essential tool in engaging patients about the need to take their medications as prescribed.  Adherence-related PrimeRx™ capabilities include:

  • Patient Medication Histories. PrimeRx™ captures and stores patient medical and prescription histories, which provides the pharmacist with immediate access to patient records. Ready access to this information can help a pharmacist identify patients who either are non-adherent or are at risk of falling behind in their medications.
  • Conflicting Medication Alerts. A pharmacist who accesses a patient's history will also be able to quickly determine if any prescribed medications conflict with each other, and put the patient at risk for serious side effects or adverse interactions.
  • Automatic Reminders. PrimeRx™ allows the pharmacy to automatically generate outbound text messages, emails and phone calls, to remind patients about renewals and pickups.
  • Mobile Apps. The FillMyRefills™ (FMR) app gives patients web portal access from any PC, tablet, smartphone or internet-connected device. Patients can easily submit refill requests, and essentially have 24/7 access to their pharmacy.
  • Electronic prescription processing. PrimeRx™ seamlessly processes electronic prescriptions and adds them to the pharmacy's "fill queue." The system automatically alerts the patient when the prescription is ready for pick up.
  • Medication Synchronization Programs. Pharmacists - and their patients - rely on synchronization programs as a "one stop" pharmacy management solution. These programs essentially allow patients to schedule monthly meetings with their pharmacists, usually by accessing the pharmacy's online scheduling service. During the visit, a patient will pick up that month's supply of all medications and have the chance to speak one-on-one with the pharmacist about any concerns regarding those medications.
  • Faster Prescription Fill Rates/Fewer Mistakes. Automated processing in PrimeRx™ frees up some of the pharmacist's time, which means more time can be spent interfacing with patients, providing counsel and answering questions patients may have about their medications.