Jul 22 2020

PrimeRx™ - An Essential Solution for Compounding Pharmacies

PrimeRx™ is among a niche group of technology solutions helping to address the unique needs of compounding pharmacies. From medication safety, to patient management, recordkeeping, compliance, inventory control, and business operations, compounding pharmacies require special functionality. PrimeRx™ addresses those needs with capabilities that include:

Inventory Management

  • Automated inventory. An automated inventory system adds visibility to the pharmacy's medications, deducts amounts of drugs used in each compound, and helps ensure expired or obsolete medication are removed from inventory.
  • Automatic ordering. PrimeRx™ integrates with wholesalers and distributors for seamless ordering. This includes intuitive ordering capability whereby an order is automatically generated when a drug reaches a pre-determined level.

Integration with National Drug Code

  • Direct integration with the Food and Drug Administration's National Drug Code Directory.

Individualized Patient Dispensing History

  • Pharmacies can document the exact blend of drugs dispensed to each patient. In addition, pharmacy staff can record, update and access specific information and notes about each patient interaction.

Medication Synchronization

  • Medications can be synchronized so that all pick-ups occur on a single, convenient day each month. Patients receive a single monthly reminder when a renewal is required, and are alerted when medications are ready for pick up.

Medication Adherence

  • PrimeRx™ provides the pharmacist with ready access to each patient's medication history, which can be used to discuss why a medication was prescribed, and the importance of taking the drug. In a compounding  environment, this includes specific information about the customized medication that has been prepared for a specific patient.

Automatic notifications

  • Customized texts and/or phone calls can remind patients when it's time to renew or refill a prescription.

Extensive Recordkeeping Functionality

  • PrimeRx™ allows pharmacies to seamlessly store all documentation related to core processes, including electronic prescriptions, dispensing records, correspondence with prescribers, and inventory records. The system also allows the pharmacist to record ingredients used in each compound and capture the dispensing history of compound based on ingredients.