Dec 15 2021

New Data Collection Vendor for CURES



RE: New Data Collection Vendor for CURES

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) recently awarded Bamboo Health the contract for prescription data collection services for the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES). Health & Safety Code section 11165(d) requires dispensing pharmacies, clinics, or other dispensers to report prescription dispensation data to the DOJ. In a few weeks, additional details will be provided about the transition process from the current vendor, Atlantic Associates, Inc., (AAI) to Bamboo Health’s PMP Clearinghouse solution.


How It Affects Me:

You can expect to receive further instructions, including a Data Submission Guide for Dispensers for the new PMP Clearinghouse system. This guide will walk you through registering for the new system and setting up your account for data submission. Please note, there are no plans to modify the current ASAP version as part of this transition. The Data Submission Guide for Dispensers will aid you in determining the level of effort needed to submit data in the same format. You do not have to do anything at this time.


Action Steps:

1. Beginning on 1/1/22, all uploaders that are currently submitting data to will be required to register with the Bamboo Health PMP Clearinghouse. Once registration is made available on 1/1/22, we strongly encourage you to complete the registration process as early as possible to ensure you are prepared to begin submitting data to the new PMP Clearinghouse system on 2/9/22. You will continue to submit data to until 2/9/22. Note: Registration instructions will be provided in the upcoming weeks.


2. During the registration window, if you have questions or need assistance, submit a ticket at A Bamboo Health customer support technician will be able to provide assistance. Effective 2/9/22, you must begin reporting through PMP Clearinghouse. The last day you will be able to send data to AAI is 2/8/22.


Note for data submitters registered with PMP Clearinghouse in other states: If you are currently registered with the Bamboo Health PMP Clearinghouse system as a Data Submitter for another state, you will not need to register for a new account. You will be able to add California to your existing account for data submissions. Instructions for this process will be included in the PMP Clearinghouse Data Submission Guide for Dispensers that will be sent to

you in the upcoming weeks.


Within the next two to three weeks, you can expect to receive additional information and notifications from Bamboo Health regarding the aforementioned Data Submission Guide for Dispensers, which will provide you with the necessary details for registration and data submission processes for PMP Clearinghouse.


For questions, please contact Bamboo Health at (855)-502-0999 (Office) or submit a ticket