Mar 21 2022

March Madness and Some Valuable Lessons for the Pharmacy!

Chores will be put off. Worker productivity will suffer. Homework will go undone. Nutrition will take a back burner to wings and nachos. People will stay up too late watching TV. And more than $10 billion will be spent on bets, both legal and not-so-legal. And it will be great!

Yes, March Madness is back. The NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament is set to kick off on March 13 and will culminate with a championship game on Monday night, April 4 in New Orleans.

A few years ago, maybe to justify the excessive time spent on the tournament, Pharmacy Times came up with a "5 lessons pharmacists can learn from March Madness" list. That list still seems appropriate today, so we thought we'd share it, with all credit of course to Pharmacy Times!

Excerpts from those 5 lessons include:

1. There's no "I" in Team. In the pharmacy, the entire staff needs  to work together. This includes pharmacists, supervisors, technicians, and support staff. While employees may come from different                             backgrounds, and have varied life experiences and skill sets, it's essential that everyone work together to achieve an effective and pleasant working environment.

2. Bring in Substitutes and Make Adjustments. Just as a twisted ankle or other type of injury can force a team to make mid-game adjustments, so too must a pharmacy be prepared to make course                           corrections. This means staff members must be ready to quickly adapt to changing situations and embrace "new normals." [The Pharmacy Times article was written before the COVID-19 pandemic,                      during which pharmacy staffs demonstrated just how adaptable they could be!]

3. Avoid a Foul. Bickering, backstabbing, and blame are as toxic among coworkers as they are within basketball teams. When conflict arises, commit to recognizing and resolving differences.

4. Take a Time Out. Time outs in game situations allow teams to catch their breath and strategize their next moves. Pharmacy staffs can also benefit from taking a time out during the busy workday. Commit           to stepping away during each shift. Go outside for some fresh air, grab a cup of coffee, or take a few minutes to chat with a familiar customer or coworker. Stepping away will not only give your eyes                       a chance to reset, but it can do wonders for your frame of mind!

5. Play Until the End of the Buzzer. Few things are more exciting than a buzzer-beating shot that goes in to win the game. Especially, of course, if your team wins. The winning team is rewarded for                                persistence in not giving up and believing until the bitter end that a win is possible. The same lesson can apply to the pharmacy. Commit to playing until the end of the buzzer. Go the extra mile                                each day, don't settle for anything short of perfect, and don't leave anything on the table!

With that sage advice in mind, enjoy your March Madness season. And may your favorite team win!