Feb 16 2021

It's time to get your pharmacy ready for COVID-19 vaccinations

We are here to help with the NEW PrimeRx™ vaccination workflow and JotForm integration. Be sure to check out PrimeDMS™ February Special Module of the Month Pricing! Micro Merchant Systems recommends interface JotForm along with PrimeDMS™ document management solution to help make your pharmacy's COVID-19 vaccination process seamless within PrimeRx™.

What is JotForm? 
JotForm is an online form builder. Pharmacies can use JotForm to create surveys, forms, reports, or even schedule appointments. In this integration, our pharmacies will be using JotForm to schedule Covid-19 vaccine visits, collect new patient and current patient data. 

How does JotForm work? 
Most pharmacies will be using JotForm to schedule COVID-19 vaccines, but there are required COVID-19 questions the patients need to fill out before their visit. This is where JotForm can help!

Using JotForm, patients will have the ability to pick an available appointment time and date and complete any required questionnaire(s). PrimeDMS™ will allow the integrated JotForm to automatically import the form straight into the PrimeRx™ document intake queue. The pharmacy staff can process the form (PDF) as they would any scanned document. Click here for more information about JotForm.

Requirements for Jotform:

  • PrimeRx™ +
  • Jotform Account
  • Google Drive Account (Jotform links to Google Drive account for PDF storage)
  • PrimeDMS™ Document Management Software

Micro Merchant Systems technical staff is on call and ready to assist with every step of the process. Helping pharmacies prepare for COVID-19 vaccine administration is our highest priority, so please call 866-495-3999 or email with any questions.