Oct 20 2021

Celebrate Halloween with a Few Pharmacy Tricks and Treats!

Consumers have largely resumed in-store pharmacy visits, with both CVS and Walgreens reporting surges in foot traffic. According to, summer in-person visits increased by 40 percent at CVS, and by 45.2 percent at Walgreen's. The pharmacy industry "seems particularly well aligned" for a retail recovery, the analysis noted, due to "an increased focus on health and wellness alongside the ability to distribute COVID vaccines and administer tests..."

What better way to welcome back patients than with a little Halloween fun! It's been awhile since customers have been able to truly enjoy a retail experience, and no doubt they would appreciate your initiative in embracing the Halloween spirit. A few ideas, complied by PBA Health include:

  • Window displays and other in-store decorations. A few skeletons and jack-o-lanterns can go a long way toward attracting customers and creating a community atmosphere.
  • Stock your shelves with Halloween supplies. Turn your pharmacy into a convenient source of candy, trick-or-treat buckets, decorations, and costumes. Promote your Halloween inventory via Facebook or Instagram. Another great idea for promoting your OTC products? Pointy from Google. This innovative tech solution allows your pharmacy's consumer products to show up in consumers' online searches. Consumers who may not have previously considered your pharmacy as a viable option for their Halloween supplies will take notice. Pharmacies can integrate directly with Pointy from the PrimeRx™ home screen.
  • Get in the community spirit! Make sure your pharmacy participates in events sponsored by the local chamber of commerce and retailers'' association. Many families – and communities – are not quite ready for a return to traditional trick-or-treating. But local businesses can help ensure children have some Halloween fun with a few planned events. PBA Health suggests a scavenger hunt, or maybe a movie night.
  • Make sure everyone can participate. Be sure to offer options for children with limited mobility, food allergies, or chronic conditions such as diabetes. If you offer sweet treats, be sure to also provide alternatives such as sugar-free candy, healthy snacks, stickers or even small toys. Another good idea is to provide non-candy-themed activities such as a coloring contest, or pumpkin carving contest. Children can participate in these activities from home and submit photos of their finished work.
  • Provide learning materials. Without infringing on the fun, you can use the Halloween holiday as an opportunity to remind patients about good health habits. Hand out educational materials that focus on health eating habits, good dental care, and ongoing COVID-related protocols.

Halloween is the traditional kick-off for year-end holiday festivities. This year, more than any other, consumers can use a little fun. Your pharmacy can lead the way with a few creative, inexpensive decorations and treats. Your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and potential new patients will think you're something special!