Nursing Home / Long-Term Care / Assisted Living Facility Pharmacy Management

PrimeRx™ – The Ideal Solution for Nursing Home, Long-Term Care, and Assisted Living Facility Pharmacy Management

A simple solution for complicated medication and dispensing needs.

Pharmacies that service nursing homes, long-term care facilities (LTCs), and assisted living facilities (ALF) are challenged every day to find more efficient, streamlined processes for managing patients' prescription drug needs. PrimeRx™ offers a comprehensive technology solution designed specifically for the changing – and increasingly complex – needs of today's LTC facilities. 

Medication Administration Record (MAR) Management. Electronic MARs can be seamlessly integrated so that each patient's comprehensive medication history is captured. PrimeRx™ also allows for the creation of customized MARs, based on patient needs. 

Cycle Filling. PrimeRx™ facilitates the cycle filling process, and can be adjusted to accommodate multiple fill cycles per month, based on a facility's specific needs.

Batch Filling. PrimeRx™ automatically manages batch fill orders for multiple medication needs, and generates appropriate labels.

Physician Order Forms. PrimeRx™seamlessly integrates physician order forms. Forms are processed, and automatically added to each patient's record.

Packaging. PrimeRx™ records specific packaging requirements, which become part of a patient's record. The system also generates appropriate labels for each specific type of packaging.

Compounding Needs. PrimeRx™allows pharmacies to document the exact blend of drugs dispensed to each patient. In addition, pharmacy staff can record, update, and access specific information and notes about each patient's drug interaction (i.e., allergies). 

Billing Capabilities. PrimeRx™ records all drug pricing and billing information, including wholesaler drug costs, patient co-pays, and reimbursements. Pharmacies can use that information to generate – through PrimeRx™ – an invoice for each facility.

Report Capabilities. Pharmacies can generate a wide range of reports within PrimeRx™. Available reports include: comprehensive lists of drugs delivered to specific facilities, information about individual drugs, drugs ordered by category, patient-specific drug information, physician reports, and a broad range of financial/billing reports.

Patient Histories. Pharmacies have the option to capture additional patient information. This may include a listing of any medications dispensed by other pharmacies, or "flags" that a patient may be at risk for certain conditions.

PrimeRx™ is your partner in managing nursing home, LTC, and ALF facility patient medication needs, and a trusted resource in meeting increasingly complex regulatory and payer requirements.