What is PrimeRxPAY™? is a web portal created for PrimeRx™ users. The functionality is very simple. The pharmacy sends a text message to the patient, the patient pays for his/her copay remotely and in a secure manner on his/her own device, and the funds get deposited by the credit card processor into your accounts. This site essentially allows the pharmacy to collect prescription copays from patients – remotely.

How does it work?

Once the credentials are provided to the pharmacy, they will be able to log on to the website, and then search the Patient by Name or DOB, or both, and view the prescription profile. By default, PrimeRx™ pulls up the prescriptions filled in the last 30 days since those are the ones that are more relevant where copay needs to be collected.

The authorized user in the pharmacy can then choose the prescriptions where copay needs to be collected and then choose the “Send link for Payment” option, which will then send a text message saved in the Patient Profile.

The patient can click on the URL available in the text message, which will take them to where they can identify themselves. The patient will be able to see masked Drug Name and Rx#, along with the total $ amount that needs to be paid.

When the Patient clicks on ‘Pay’, they will be redirected to a secure site which will allow them to enter the credit card information and submit the payment. On successful payment, the funds will be deposited in the pharmacy’s account, and a receipt will be emailed to the patient automatically.

Is there a fee for
No, this functionality is going to be free for all PrimeRx™ users. There is no charge from Micro Merchant Systems.

Besides PrimeRx™, do I need to subscribe for any other modules, like PrimePOS™, PrimeCOMM™, etc.?
No, all you need is basic PrimeRx™. If you have an active PrimeRx™ license, you can use There is no dependency on any other module or service.

Do I need to setup my credit processing account (merchant account)?

You will need to register and create an account with the credit card vendor that we are working with. We are working with WorldPay/FISGlobal to provide the online payment collection service. Once the Merchant ID’s are created, the Pharmacy’s account will be configured with the same and the funds will be directly deposited in your account.

To make payment processing simple and affordable, we have negotiated flat rate pricing for our customers!  This helps to remove the variable cost of taking payments AND eliminates monthly fees. 

Our customers receive the following:

  • 2.7% and $0.10 - swiped or EMV
  • 2.9% and $0.30 - keyed and online transactions
  • If you have a better rate offer currently, don’t worry!  Worldpay will match your existing rate structure, even if it’s not flat rate pricing. 

How soon can I use the service?
You will need to get a WorldPay account setup before you can use Once you contact WorldPay, and send your pharmacy info, typically within the hour, you will have a sales rep from WorldPay/FISGlobal team reach out to you and help you with the process to get your account set up. Once paperwork is submitted, the account will be set up within 24 hours.

After the account is set up, you will receive an email from WorldPay with your VAR sheet. As soon as you have the email with the VAR sheet, our team will help you setup the account in a matter of minutes, and you can start using the service.

Awesome – how do I sign up?
For now, simply click on the following link, and an analyst from WorldPay will reach out to you and help you get your account set up.

Thank you,
MMS Customer Success Team