Sep 10 2021

PrimeRx™/Solutran Integration Offers New York Pharmacies access to UnitedHealthcare OTC Patients

New York pharmacies have a new opportunity to increase sales of OTC products. And PrimeRx™ pharmacies are well-positioned to take advantage.

United Healthcare recently selected technology provider Solutran to manage OTC benefit transactions for New York State plan members.  Solutran will issue each beneficiary a program card that is pre-loaded with funds, and that includes a listing of all OTC products covered under the patient's plan.

PrimeRx™ pharmacies can prepare to serve their United Healthcare patients by integrating the Solutran technology solution.  With the Solutran solution in place, your pharmacy will be able to seamlessly manage transactions for United Healthcare patients, and increase sales of OTC products.

The Solutran solution integrates with the PrimePOS™ point-of-sale solution to seamlessly manage OTC program card transactions.  

Hundreds of PrimeRx™ pharmacies already benefit from Solutran's innovative OTC benefit management capabilities.  But pharmacies that have not yet integrated with Solutran – especially New York State pharmacies – may be missing out on a tremendous opportunity.

That's why I encourage you to sign up for Solutran today – before a United Healthcare patient attempts to use an OTC card at your pharmacy, only to learn your pharmacy cannot process the transaction.

Solutran offers several benefits that include:

  • Ability to work directly with the PrimePOS™ payment terminal.  This means no need to buy and find space for additional equipment.
  • Benefits are pre-loaded to plan members' program cards.  Patients receive information about their benefits – including a list of eligible pharmacies and retail outlets – either through email, a mobile phone app, or a website.
  • Seamless processing.  OTC products are scanned at the point-of-sale.  Solutran will automatically read each product's barcode to determine coverage eligibility.  If the product is covered, the system will automatically deduct the purchase amount from the OTC card.
  • Seamless recordkeeping.  All Solutran-based transactions are conducted within PrimeRx™, with all records automatically recorded, reconciled, and retained.

Sales of OTC products represent an important revenue source for pharmacies. During 2020, OTC product sales exceeded $36 billion. In New York, United Healthcare's OTC spending is estimated at $200 million annually.  

OTC product sales are expected to grow as the result of 2020 action by the U.S. Congress.  As part of the COVID-relief CARES Act, Congress eliminated the need for patients to obtain a prescription in order to use their health spending accounts for OTC product purchases.  With the prescription requirement no longer in effect, patients will have improved access to their OTC funds, and an incentive to spend this money on products found throughout the pharmacy.

United Healthcare's New York plan members will soon be arriving at your pharmacy, ready to spend their OTC funds.  With Solutran in place, you can be ready to greet them, and ready to increase your pharmacy's rate of OTC sales.

Please click here to learn more about Solutran, or to start the process for integrating your pharmacy.